Logistics and transport

Logistics and transport play an important role in the entire economy, as they regulate the routes and intermediate storage of complete goods. Due to the globalization of markets, there is often temporary need to increase storage capacity. Quite often, it is only a couple of annual logistics contracts, where a fixed construction is completely unprofitable.

We very often solve such problems with the storage tent halls by POWER tents.

Fast delivery times, simple installation that can be carried out directly on the asphalt base without additional concreting, large spans (even up to 50m or more), usable heights of up to 10m offer a large volume of storage areas at a low price.

Tent warehouses by POWER tents are also known for their great flexibility, as they can be extended to unlimited lengths.

A big advantage of the mentioned warehouses is also a completely prefabricated system, which means that the warehouse facility can be dismantled, resold to another customer or moved to another location after the expiration of a contract and, as a result, unnecessary further use. The area of ​​the current layout can be changed back to its original state without any additional construction interventions (car parks, open warehouses, …)

The buyers have shown particular interest in our POWER OHT-DH type storage tent halls that are made of solid profiles, where it is possible to replace the PVC tarpaulin with sandwich insulation profiles and turn the tent hall into an insulating fixed assembly hall.