Recycling and bulk cargo

Recycling and storage of bulk cargo usually involve large flat surfaces that need to be protected from external weather conditions.
Various loaders and other construction machines are used in the mentioned facilities.

Due to transportation by trucks, the facilities have to be fairly high.

In practice, it has been shown that one of the best long-term solutions for these purposes, both functionally and rationally, is a tent hall design.

An asphalt or concrete base is usually sufficient for the facility floor, but the facade parts must be made of concrete walls up to a certain height in the case of mechanized manipulations in the facility. A metal structure covered with a tarpaulin (tent hall) is attached to the wall.

There is also another option, namely mounting the tent structure directly into the ground, and placing concrete elements, which can be bought as prefabricated building materials, inside the facility in terms of protection of work with construction loaders.
Each listed facility usually has its own specific requirements.

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