Aircraft hangars

In our company, we also offer spatial solutions for the garage and maintenance of aircrafts. Each project is designed individually in the technical office of POWER according to the purpose of use and the type of aircraft that will be garaged or serviced.

The design also takes into account the prescribed snow and wind load depending on the place of installation.

The basic construction of the hanger is made of prefabricated iron hot-dip galvanized profiles, while the covering is made of high-quality UV-resistant – self-extinguishing PVC tarpaulin.

If higher fire safety standards and a heated space are required, the tarpaulin can be replaced with insulating panels.
Aircraft garages are peculiar, mainly due to the height and width of the doors, which usually have to open across the entire width of the hangar.

For this purpose, we have developed our door systems, which we also produce ourselves and offer only as part of our hangers.

Compared to classic construction, hangars from the POWER company are significantly more affordable, and delivery times are significantly faster.