Tent facilities for extreme weather conditions – ski resorts

The facilities at ski resorts require special design, as they often operate in extreme weather conditions.

One of the biggest problems at the ski resorts is heavy snow load (even up to 800kg/m2 or more) in combination with strong winds.
In the company, we have already dealt with such projects on a number of occasions and successfully completed them.

The tent facilities by our company POWER tents at ski resorts are mainly intended for storage of various equipment (snowmaking cannons, pole protection, etc.).

They can also be used as halls for storing machines (ratraks, snowmobiles, etc.), and are suitable for covering traditional terraces at guest houses.

Tent facilities for ski resorts by POWER tents can be a long-term spatial solution with essential flexibility, a lower price and easier assembly compared to classic constructions.

Each such extremely high-snow project is a pleasant challenge for us, especially since in such projects we can fully use the knowledge, creativity and many years of experience of the POWER tents team.