Halls for agriculture

In agriculture, in certain cases, metal structures covered with PVC tarpaulin have proven to be the best and rational long-term solution.

Tent halls are often used to cover silos, to store agricultural machinery, to store hay in bales, etc.

Tents of smaller dimensions have also become almost indispensable in the current modern era in pasture farming, where they provide animals with shelter from the rain.

Recently, even in the construction of barns, it has become clear that cheaper modern tent constructions can be functionally exactly the same as expensive concrete or brick buildings.

In company POWER we offer a wide range of tent halls that can be used for these purposes.

As far as the construction of a barn is concerned, we also carry out studies regarding ventilation, in which it is necessary to take the type of arrangement and the number of animals into account. We install nets on all ventilation openings with a system of additional opening and closing depending on the outside temperatures.

Each building is built on the basis of a static calculation made by our technical bureau. When calculating, we take into account snow and wind loads according to building regulations, which are prescribed for a specific place of installation.