Construction production

Complete production under one roof

The specialty of our company is that the entire production is carried out under one roof.

It consists of two plants:

  • Production of constructions and their parts
  • Confectionery – production of PVC membrane sheets (tarpaulins)

The complete production of structures is produced in the company’s premises and is carried out using the most modern technologies (robot line for cutting and processing profiles, CNC sheet metal cutting, profile bending, …)

The company is certified for the construction of metal structures according to EN 1090 – 2, EXC 2.

We use only A-tested materials in production, and welding is performed only by A-tested welders.

When the structure is made, it is taken to hot-dip galvanizing. We only use hot-dip galvanized anti-corrosion protection on all constructions, as this is the only true solution for top quality.

We also use the most modern technology in the production of PVC membrane tarpaulins (computer-controlled cutting of tarpaulins, high-frequency welding, sewing with professional sewing machines, …)

To cover the constructions, we use exclusively the world’s highest quality PVC material intended for architecture, which must withstand extreme weather effects and be fire resistant according to classification standards B1 / M2.

Before making the tarpaulin, the customer can choose a color from the material manufacturer’s catalog.

If desired, the tarpaulin can also be equipped with logos.