Most of our customers come from the industry. To a greater extent, it is the metal processing industry, automotive industry, plastic processing, production of paper and their products, etc.

Due to the expansion of production, customers are often faced with space constraints, especially for warehouses and additional production premises.

Recently, the continuous supply of reproduction materials has also become a big problem.

In order for companies to operate smoothly, entrepreneurs are forced to purchase large quantities of reproduction materials when they are available. Then there is again a problem, where to store all this under a roof?

Our company has been designing and manufacturing industrial tent halls for decades. We have developed several type models. The POWER OHT-DT type is a very interesting one, where the industrial tent halls are already designed in such a way that it is possible to subsequently replace the tarpaulin on the construction with thermal insulating sandwich panels and turn the construction from unheated storage into insulating fireproof spaces. So-called prefabricated industrial facilities can later be used as temperature controlled warehouses, work halls, etc.

We are happy to help customers from the very beginning of planning and finding the best solution based on the available space for construction and the customer’s need for the functionality of the facility they need. It is particularly satisfying when teamwork between the customer and our technical office, on top of our many years of experience, ultimately leads to a very satisfied customer.

All basic hall models by POWER tents are ready for the installation of additional equipment, such as various doors, additional anti-condensation – thermal tarpaulins, gutters, lighting, heating, pallet limiters, corners, etc.