Storage hall
Dvornik d.o.o.

Object type: Storage hall

Customer: Dvornik d.o.o. – Slovenia

Description: Storage hall in the size of 800 m2.

The hall is placed directly on the asphalt surface and is fixed with earth anchors without special construction interventions in the ground (no concrete foundations).

We connected the hall directly to the already existing fixed hall and created a direct passage between the halls. Thus, we increased the capacity of the already existing warehouse.

All the facade parts of the tarpaulins are glued to the asphalt at the ground level with the help of a two-component bitumen mass. This system prevents water from entering the interior of the hall at the ground level. This ensures that the floor inside the hall always remains dry.

By installing an additional thermal anti-condensation tarpaulin on the inner part of the iron structure and installing gutters for draining condensation water outside the hall, as well as sealing the PVC tarpaulin at the ground