Electronic business

The company was successful in the Public tender for the establishment or upgrade of electronic business in the company in the period 2019-2022 “E-BUSINESS 2019-2022”

As part of the operation “Digitalization of the company Power šotori, d.o.o.”, we will carry out the following measures:

  • Electronic exchange between partners,
  • Digitization of appearances at fairs,
  • Websites for foreign markets,
  • Product – sales video
  • Strengthening competencies – training.

The aim of the public tender from the point of view of the Operational Program for the Implementation of European Cohesion Policy is to improve the possibilities of SMEs to enter or expand their business in foreign markets and thus increase their international competitiveness by establishing or upgrading e-commerce.

The purpose of the operation is to support entry into global value chains and new markets and increase international competitiveness by co-financing the eligible costs of setting up or upgrading e-commerce.

The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). You can read more at www.eu-skladi.si.

The value of the received grant is 29.796,20 EUR.

We conducted training in the form of three workshops, in which we acquired the following competencies:

  • paperless business,
  • internet security,
  • job classification,
  • Industry 4.0,
  • good practices and business models related to industry 4.0.

    The workshops were held on 11. 7., 13. 7. in 19. 7. 2022.