Tent storage hall
ARKIL GmbH – Nemčija

Object type: Tent storage hall model OHT-D 10

Customer: ARKIL GmbH – Germany

Description: Used hall type POWER OHT-D10.

It is a new generation of tent storage halls from our product range, where the construction is made of solid iron profiles.

The cutting of the mentioned constructions is done on a robotic line in our production.

The tent hall of the POWER OHT-D10 type is already designed in such a way that it is possible to remove the PVC tarpaulin from the structure after a certain time and replace it with an insulating sheet. Thus, the tented storage hall can be turned into an insulated fixed work hall.

In this project, we made a hall measuring 10 x 30 m.

All the facade parts of the tarpaulins are glued to the asphalt at the ground level with the help of a two-component bitumen mass. This system prevents water from entering the interior of the hall at the ground level. This ensures that the floor inside the hall always remains dry.