Manufacturing of the event tent
Municipality of Bleiburg

Object type: Manufacturing of the event tent according to the conceptual design of a recognized architect

Customer: Municipality of Bleiburg – Austria

Description: The customer of the tent production was the municipality of Bleiburg, Austria.

The tent is intended for events and was made according to the conceptual design of the well-known architect from Vienna, Mr. Fleisch.

The tent’s design is unique and artistic. The roof is made as an arch, and the legs are offset inwards.

All roof tarpaulins on the inside were printed based on a pattern made by a world-renowned Austrian artist who was born near Bleiburg.

The tent is erected only a few times a year for important events in the strict centre of Bleiburg and usually only stands for one weekend. That’s why we designed the tent in such a way that setting up and dismantling is very easy and fast (assembly only takes a few hours).

The width of the tent is 12.5 m, and the length can be set up as desired in segments of 5 m to a maximum length of 45 m.

We also equipped the tent with an event stage and lighting, whose intensity and colour can be regulated.

All electrical conductors are embedded inside the tent profiles to hide them from possible physical damage that could occur during assembly.