Hall inside a hall
TALUM Kidričevo d.o.o.

Object type: A hall in a hall

Customer: It is about the client, who is one of the largest producers of aluminium “TALUM Kidričevo d.o.o.”.

Description: The customer has huge concrete production facilities. Due to the huge amount of dust that is a byproduct of the production, the customer had great problems with the storage of the finished goods.

In order to get rid of dust and create a clean space for storing finished products, we came up with the idea of creating an additional tent hall in the hall.

As a result there is an absolutely unique warehouse.

The object is 18m wide, 12m high in the middle and 60m long.

The storage hall does not need a strong structure since it does not need full snow load on the roof, as it is placed in a huge concrete hall that already has its own roof. In this case, the load on the roof was calculated only for its own carrying capacity and the carrying capacity of the installations.